July 23, 2017 Two weeks at work. Four weeks since job hunt. (Part 1)

I started work last July 10, at a full service law firm in the Metro’s Central Business District. This is after a long hiatus since I took and passed the Philippine bar examination. I started submitting my resume only a month prior.

Needless to say, this is my first job. I needed to adjust my body clock back to normal working day body clock, which is difficult since college and law school basically pushed me to become a night owl. I got four interviews out of the resume that I submitted at a popular job hunting website. Here’s a recap of the four firms, where I was interviewed.

1.) The pseudo-tax/corporate firm. The firm that I went to, eventually. In the outset, has a good reputation. One of the founding partners is now in a top government position. The partner who interviews new hires seems to be friendly. Caveat: More on this on the later part of the post…

2.) The litigator. Actually, it’s not a firm. I only found out after I went to the interview, ofcourse. He’s a private practitioner who needs one associate. Offers the most competitive pay (with profit sharing and free parking). He offered to hire me on the spot because of a good university background. Caveat: The guy told me I was loud, and that next time, to come on time (To be fair…I came in 10 minutes late but I called them up to tell them I will be a few minutes late).

3.) The joke. This firm posted their online ad as “confidential”. I was contacted by an HR person and the same woman interviewed me. A younger poker-faced lady, came in to check my photocopied documents against the original (None of the other firms did this.). By this time, I was already aware of the practice of at least, a lawyer interviewing me face-to-face for the hiring process. The HR person was condescending during the interview and proudly told me that they offer ____ amount for their new hires (They offer about 2/3 the monetary value of the first two job offers) and they said they need somebody who can start the week after the interview. Funny, she asked if I was in the top 20% of my batch while offering less compensation. I vowed (to myself) to never ever work here despite their law practice being quite interesting.

4.)The tax/corp firm with a condescending partner. Their receptionist contacted me while I was already interviewing for the first three (quite late, after my submission to the job hunting website). An older HR woman and a law partner interviewed me. The law partner then proceeded to ask me about my grades and specifying that they were “low” and how I will respond to certain hypothetical situations. I did not get an outright offer and the deadline for the first firm was coming nearer. So I ended up signing with the first firm.

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