July 23, 2017 Two weeks at work. Four weeks since job hunt (Part 2)

So, on to my first two weeks at work.

First three days, I wasn’t really assigned a major project to do.

On my fourth day at work, I was assigned to write Service proposals for the lady who interviewed me. I was screamed at because I was not able to substitute the right name of the client. I wonder if it was actually just alright that she screamed at me. Can I expect this kind of treatment from other bosses, in other firms? My second submission was full of corrections yet again, and she said that my style is “messy”. I just keep on reminding her “nicely” that I am new to the legal profession, and to her tuttelage too.

Just this week I was assigned to go with the senior associate for contract payment payment. He and I were able to talk about the politics inside the firm. This partner who interviewed me, came in just months earlier than I did. She pretty much disrupted the balance of the old law firm. It wasn’t just so easy for them since previously they only had to deal with the first three partners now they have to deal with added two.

Apparently, partnership was offered to some of the senior associates but the caveat is that they have to bring in new clients and have a “profit share” instead of a fixed salary. Only one of the senior associates took the chance. The others? Well, they’re on a dead end. Junior partnership is supposedly the step up from being a senior associate. How will they move on, or move up now? I used to think that partnership is offered as a promotion. Apparently, that’s not how simple things are. I adviced my newfound friend to leave the firm, while I’m just clocking in at week two. During that coffee shop conversation after a client meeting, I realized how I actually do not want to suffer the same fate. Most likely, I’ll leave before year two.

I was assigned to research for, and join a senior litigation partner for an annulment case this coming Tuesday. I’m very intrigued about how these kinds of cases are handled. I’m excited for this particular assignment and know how these cases work. I’m seriously in for helping out people to move on from failed marriages. It is just seriously difficult here in the Philippines.

I was also assigned to work on a tax protest. The submission will be this coming week, as the client has yet to submit all the documents that the government agency has asked for. I have to crunch numbers for this, and this was my weakest subject in law school. I only wish I can still go home at some point. Not to mention, parking is ridiculously expensive in Makati. I’m not about to burn all my meager salary in parking.

Things are moving extremely slow in this firm. It feels like I’m working within the government bureaucracy (maybe just friendlier). I still have no account for client billings after my second week. They keep saying that their fingerprint lock system is broken, so I still could not be in the system. I have to rely on somebody to let me into the office, every single time. I have yet no firm-issued phone, which every lawyer (except me) has, and no assurance that they have acquired accounts for the mandatory government benefits, that each private employee is supposed to have.

So to cap things off, I would say that it was an “okay” kind of first two weeks. I’m still trying to figure out my way in the legal world. Law school was supposed to thicken my skin and make me resilient against stress, but I guess I got my heart back on my sleeves again, after the long hiatus since the bar examination.

Got to get back to the grind.

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