July 31 to August 4, 2017: Planning to quit

So on a day this week, I got yelled at again by the same boss. The work was assigned by another partner. The instruction was to edit the hard copy documents of the client by marking a hard copy that was submitted to us. The client plans to have an Increase in Capital Stock, and before submitting those documents to the government agency, they want the law firm to approve it first. I told the instructing partner that there was a lot of grammatical errors. He said to just leave it and just take care of the substance.

The instructing partner told me to let another partner (the one who yelled at me) check my work.

The yeller shouted at me for missing out on the obvious grammatical errors, and what she believed to be “basic knowledge.” It was tuesday afternoon. The neighboring cubicles heard. I held my shit together and just cried at home.

On that Friday, I was brought to follow up on our cases in a government agency. I went back to the office and suddenly let a lot of tears out in front of the senior associates. I asked them if it was the same when they were still starting out. They said no, their previous boss do not yell, nor does this new partner yell at them. As practitioners for 2-4 years, they already have their way of doing things and can already contribute suggestions to whatever this partner is asking them to do. I, however am a clean slate. Still stupid I guess…

Back story:

Their previous boss was appointed to a high ranking government position: making him leave the firm behind. He took in new partners from outside the firm to take care of the business in the firm.

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