Thoughts on the Movie: Bar Boys

Bar Boys was an entry in the last Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino last Aug. 16-22, 2017. The films were chosen by the Film Development Council of the Philippines.

It tells the stories of four young men, who were about to enter law school.


The Good:

The film was quite enjoyable despite the numerous loophooles. Carlo Aquino was great as usual. Law students can relate. Lawyers and law graduates will plunge into nostalgia. The alienation, the necessary evil of dealing with rude professors and the voluminous readings, are all too familiar.

The Bad (spoilers ahead): I just have to comment…

Not every Coño kid is rich. They just happen to have English as a first language, instead of the second or third like the most of us.

You don’t use ballpoint pens in the Bar Exams.

The entrance exam panic isn’t real for most of us. I can only think of two law schools with stringent policies in law school entrance examinations. Things might be a little different now though, because of PhilSAT.

You don’t need to get beaten up, join a frat or a sorority to get connections in law school.

And uhhh… judge with a pro bono case? Not explained. Obviously, judges cannot represent clients while serving as a judge.

How rarely does it happen that two friends top the bar?

You do not write recitation grades that big on a class card. Most of the time, there is a second, third or fourth time where a student will be asked to recite in the same class. You need class card space for that.

How did somebody’s grade got pulled up? Just because his friend got beaten up and joined a frat? I don’t understand…





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