Switching to a Government Job

So, after the shouting incidents, and the one month notice, I finally reported to the government job I interviewed for.

It is horribly lonely. I was put in an old stock room. Well, credits to them, they actually tidied up the place.

I traded my regular job for a contractual post with no benefits. I don’t know what has gotten into me.

I had to bring in my own laptop too. This monday, I was assigned to go to a meeting in a distant city. The secretary didn’t even want to provide me a driver (the government office where I’m working for, doesn’t reimburse transportation expenses) and I don’t even have transportation allowance because of my contractual employment. The other lawyers are already tenured and have their transportation allowances, while the secretary allots the drivers to them.

I honestly don’t know what to feel. I have no paid leaves. I’m not treated as a lawyer. When they say “lawyers” in the office, it does not include me. They only mean the tenured ones.

It’s been barely over a week in this job and ofcourse, I will honor my commitment to the six month contract but I don’t know…

Should I wait for a plantilla? Should I apply for another government job before the six months is up? Should I reconsider going private again?

I don’t know. I’m honestly in a crisis here.

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