Law School Experience: Two Ruthless Professors

So, ruthlessness is basically the norm for some law schools. For really intelligent professors, who know what they are doing, being ruthless makes them respectable. Students will study for the subject, and will even prioritize it among others, if the professor demands the attention for the subject he or she is teaching. It is a different story however, when the professors appear to be ruthless, but appears to be just as clueless as the students (because, unless you are really brilliant, you are bound to forget and or not know things even if you are an average-minded lawyer). Here is my experience with two not-so-smart but trying to be ruthless professors.

1.) Fat feelers

One professor was an assistant to the Dean. Basically, under the enrollment sheets, the Dean “teaches” the class but in reality, the class is left to this loser. She calls for recitations, and makes you “sit down” for all the wrong reasons, or for no reason at all (if you’re a woman, don’t bother to get a fair treatment). She has favorite students to hate particularly, the prettier girls. For males, she gives them a chance and even coaches them. She gives at least an 85 for a male, despite a wrong answer. For females, expect to get 70 when she doesn’t like your answer. She has original copies of the cases on her desk, while expecting you to know unimportant details such as a color of a ship. While professors in this law school have some form of good academic credential, this lady has none. She did not graduate with honors. Her mom just happens to know the dean.

2.) Bald Eagle

Bald eagle teaches a relatively obscure subject but such subject is still being required to be taught. He randomly criticizes students during recitations, despite the correctness of the students’ answers. He insults, laughs and makes sarcastic remarks the minute the student pauses, while answering the barrage of questions the bald eagle throws at him or her. It doesn’t matter how you studied. The only way is to spurt out correct statements quickly, so as not to give him a chance to criticize, laugh and mock you but if you are of average intelligence, no such luck. We all pause when we talk, right?

There was this one time, we all knew that he was having dinner at a faculty-only dinner hosted by the Dean of our law school. Nevertheless, he does not answer to our question fo whether he will hold classes. He answered thirty minutes before dismissal, and already made us wait one and a half hours. We later learned, he was already enjoying his dinner, way way earlier than the time our classes are supposed to be held.

He would randomly pick students to recite verbatim provisions of the code, while he looks at his own copy. He continuously mocks the student for every wrong word, or sometimes, he just lets the student recite the wrong provision and then he laughs mockingly after… this is all the while… holding his own copy of the code. Really, not so smart.

He got mad at our beadle for giving the wrong case list. He made us suffer by extending two hours. It wasn’t the usual two hours however. Our class was supposed to be 7-9 p.m. He extended it until 11 p.m. Everyone was scared of him, so no one called him out. He is literally the worst teacher I ever had in my long academic life. Such asshole.


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