Honey Sliding* is a young Filipina lawyer . She started this blog on a whim**, one sunday morning, clocking in at two weeks working at a small Makati full service firm. Hopefully, this blog will help her figure out her goals***, provide insights to those who are considering the practice of law, as well as make her write about things that are within her interests****.

She will remain anonymous for obvious reasons.

**July 23, 2017 to be exact
***The Philippine Supreme Court, through the Legal Education Board, does not require law schools to have a mandatory internship or clerkship requirement for law students. Typically, law students will take the required number of units, set by their law schools, to fulfill the requirement to take the Bar Examination. We can graduate from law school, and successfully take the bar examinations (and therefore practice law), without setting foot in a court room or government administrative agencies.
****She is a Watch Idiot Savant (WIS), a film and fiction geek as well. Watch out for her reviews!